Fire Alarm Testing

Over time, your fire alarms can start to deteriorate, collecting dirt and losing battery life. Without regular testing you can’t be sure that they are functioning as they should, and the worst possible time to find out would be in the event of a fire. Our services meet the required standards of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, so you can be sure you’re kept fully compliant to your legal obligations and have full auditable documentation to prove it.

National, reliable fire alarm testing

Fire alarm testing is about more than ensuring the safety of your business and your employees. It’s about finding a provider who understands that you need minimum disruption, maximum results, and a reliable service. We provide just that, with national coverage that ensures we’re there when you need us, and convenient online reporting for safe and secure access to records that can’t be misplaced or lost.

Our fire alarm testing team is well trained under the following test areas

  • Main panel
  • Batteries
  • Heat detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Break glass units
  • Sirens

Our fully-trained engineers will ensure that your premises can be kept as safe from a fire risk as possible. We’re chosen by countless businesses across the UK because of our efficient, painless service, thorough compliance certification and second-to-none approach.


FireAlarm design and Install

Fire & Audio Solutions offer design, supply and installation for a host of life safety and audio products. With the ability to manage the installation from design through to completion. We only supply the most appropriate systems and equipment for the site conditions. This is why we will not blindly support only one manufacturer, Fire & Audio Solutions believe each manufacture has their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we exploit those strengths on every job we undertake.
Whether you require a life safety/audio system for a new build, upgrade or simply a replacement system Fire & Audio Solutions can provide the answer. We will initially carry out a risk assessment of your property, based on the results the design will be drawn up. Once all parties are satisfied we will provide all of the equipment and products to achieve the desired result based on the design.

To ensure customer satisfaction, along with the standard manufacturer warranties, we offer extended warranties when a service and maintenance contract is taken out after we complete your installation

Fire Alarm Systems

Under British standards all commercial property must have a fully functioning fire alarm system maintained by a competent person or company.

Fire alarm systems come in many different forms. From a basic domestic mains powered systems to very complex digital addressable systems covering vast complexes. Fire & Audio Solutions have the ability to supply, install, replace, commission and maintain fire alarm systems for a wide verity of applications.

Fire alarm systems are generally categorised as conventional or addressable. Increasingly often, aspirating fire detection systems are integrated into fire alarm control systems, to meet fire detection standards in challenging environments. Fire & Audio Solutions have an in-depth knowledge of fire alarms, as one of our staple products we have the expertise to fulfil all of your fire alarm requirements.

Conventional Systems

Conventional systems are usually reserved for smaller buildings such as restaurants, shops and small schools. With the exception of very old systems, most conventional fire alarm systems operate using automatic sensors, manual call points, sounders/bells and input/output relays.

The major difference between conventional and addressable systems are the way in which they identify a fire location on the panel. Conventional fire alarm panels can only go as far identifying a specific zone as the cause of the activation. Once the activated zone has been established a fire officer will investigate the area to locate the cause of the fire. Ususally an LED will be lit on the offending device to signal that device has activated. Although this is perfectly feasible in smaller buildings, in medium to large buildings and sites, conventional systems cannot provide a precise enough location to effectively trace the cause of the activation.

Addressable Systems

Addressable fire alarm systems are the desirable choice for all buildings and sites. Offering the same detection methods of conventional systems; automatic detection, manual call points, sounders and input/output relays. Addressable systems have a distinct advantage over conventional systems.

Addressable fire alarm systems can provide precise activation or fault identification down to individual device level. With the ability to store text locations, addressable systems have pinpoint accuracy when identifying the cause of an activation. A fire officer can make his way straight to the activation without wasting time searching the whole zone.

These systems also have a glaring advantage in the fact that they have programmable cause and effects. This offers in-depth programming to introduce delays, phased evacuation, the ability to switch between day/night mode and a vast array of other programming options.
Each fire alarm panel has its advantages and its restrictions. This is why we prefer to choose the best fire panel for every different application, rather than sticking with a manufacturer that cannot deliver the correct requirements

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